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Losing Sight of Your Development Projects?

Harness The Power of ITIL, Introduce The True Advantages of DevOps

  • Digility helps enterprises test, build and deploy flawless automation into their business critical systems and processes. By combining the best elements of DevOps, ITIL and Agile development——tools, techniques, velocity, collaboration and mindset—our Agile Service Management Practice helps you expedite your software releases.

  • Accelerated Digital Delivery with Agile Service Management improving quality and better aligning with the business.

Client Speak

On behalf of Polish business and myself I would like to say thank you for absolutely fantastic support in Rate Cap processing. All branches completed on Wednesday so as CNFS and over 400 new products applied on Monday. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!!!
Saad Szczepkowski, Head of Processes & Procedures - Provident Poland (IPF market)
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Trim the time to go live on every project

Digility’s Agile Service Management Solutions ensure error free design, management and speedy implementation of software projects end-to-end by combining the best elements of ITIL, DevOps and various industry standards. With a clear focus on low TCO and high RoI for customers, we work towards trimming the time to go-live of every project.

Our Agile Service Management ably supports your organization in all aspects including:

Customized to your organizational needs, Digility’s Service Management Functions can be established as individual service functions or a shared service functions. This covers:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Release and Transition Management
  • Capacity Management

Database Administration

Available for all relational databases including Oracle, Postgress, SQL Server, MySql, MariaDb, MongoDb, and Riak. It covers:

  • Database Software Installation
  • Database Setup And Configuration (Online Transaction Processing and Decision Support Systems)
  • Daily Maintenance And Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Setting up Backup Process and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Upgrading To Newer Versions
  • Migration of Databases From Source System To Target System

Data Migration

Accomplish a custom-defined data migration safely and efficiently. Digility’s specialists perform the task at reduced business disruption and low cost.

Our experts monitor, diagnose and support your servers, right from the hardware level all the way up to the operating system—round the clock. The service includes:

  • Proactive Support
  • Server Monitoring
  • Hardware and Data Center Reporting
  • Hardware Restoration
  • Operating System Patch Management and Monitoring
  • Alerting and Installation Services

Replace, retire, consolidate and modernize your applications in line with your digitalization objectives and business goals. Digility helps enterprises clean up their application stacks burdened with piles of unmanaged software tools accumulated as a result of shifting business strategies or mergers and acquisitions.

Turn your rigid legacy system into a highly optimized, flexible and modern software system.

With a proven track record of legacy application modernization, Digility takes over troubled applications irrespective of their deficiencies. Our legacy transformation service includes a rigorous solution analysis, testing, and modernization without compromising on your RoA objectives.

Service Design

Get a solution that seamlessly blends with your existing systems and environment. Digility helps you with service design end-to-end—from creation of service catalog, SLAs to processes around service availability, capacity, continuity, information security and supplier management.

Service Transition

Ensure smooth transition of service in production environment. We help organizations detail out processes such as:

  • Configuration
  • Change
  • Deployment
  • Release
  • Service validation
  • Testing
  • Orchestration of Transition Activities Through Planning

Service Tooling

Curb your ASM budgets by choosing the right service tools. Digility enables you to achieve this with maximum automation, open source tools and techniques, and technology and process optimization.

Case Study

Learn how Digility consolidated diverse legacy applications, streamlined user experience and reduced process time for HSCIC.

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