Webinar Recap: Why Incremental Delivery is Critical to Uncertainty

“Uncertainty and its Impact on the Agile Organization”, was indeed another great webinar by Digility and the Mastek group of companies. This week we welcomed Rob Smith, Global Head of Agile Practice for Digility and co-founder of IndigoBlue. , one of the leading UK consultancies for Agile.

Rob addressed one common issue that organizations face when adopting Agile; their desire to seek certainty early in the planning cycle. The understanding of uncertainty and its resolution is the true key to the success of Agile. In this recap, we look at Incremental delivery and the role it place in the success of Agile.

Incremental delivery of value is about breaking your project down into the smallest possible incremental steps that are then prioritized according to value and delivered in order. Delivering incrementally allows you to manage uncertainty better. It allows you to delay decision until the last possible moment because you do not need to worry about them until you start to implement them. You do not need to have all the answers at the beginning.

It is critical for supporting the uncertainty resolution. It is critical when driving return on investment. It is hugely important and the other great thing about incremental delivery is the bigger the problem you have the more value it will return. If you are working a 100,000-pound project, it is useful, but if you are working a 10-million pound project, it is fantastically useful.

The key thing is that uncertainty resolution and incremental delivery go hand in hand together and these two things together are the lens that we use when looking at organizations and their implementation of agile to understand if it is working effectively.

Source: Data Storytelling; Digility Inc, a Mastek company <Link to recording>

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