Client Speak

The most meaningful measure of how well we are doing comes from the feedback of the customers we serve

10 min cost savings x 500 stores for Morrisons

Learn how we helped Morrisons to leverage centralized data & provide value add & movement into internet retailing simultaneously consolidating their reporting systems, More so what makes us stand out from the rest

Driving Digitalisation for Together

Simon Carter, Together speaks about how Mastek created a portal for brokers & how our agile approach helped put up significant software deliveries every 3 months with 95% broker satisfaction.

On-line Service Portal for BestInvest

Donald Reid , COO of BestInvest speak about his journey of working with Mastek, Challenges, Benefits, Complexities & Advantages of working with Mastek

Ian Olliver - IT Director - Thales speaks about his experience of working with Mastek

People, Discipline, Ease of work, team relation when working off-shore unlike other IT companies is what distinguishes us from the rest as highlighted by Ian Olliver - IT Director, Thales Information Systems

Clive Gilby - Head of Global Services BT Operate on Innovation Capabilities of Mastek

Clive Gilby talks about our biggest skill - Innovation to solve challenges around Data which doesnt exist anywhere in the world

Adrian Stanbury - CTO at Morrisons PLC on working with Mastek

Mastek worked closely with Morrisons as a team to implement a data warehousing, business intelligence solution to synergise business and IT intentions. An incremental approach to delivery provided Morrisons early business benefits. Adrian says that “It worked really well for us, as our business and IT teams benefitted from staged releases that could be put in production before completion of the project” thus filling any/every gap.