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Transform your application development

A low-code platform for solutions development that enables delivery of business outcomes at a fraction of cost

  • IT systems which drive automation and innovation are critical in achieving this agility. COTS products offer limited success due to their inherent rigidity and generalized use cases often resulting into blown up customization efforts and injecting risk of vendor lock-in
  • Bespoke solutions on the other hand are capable of offering differentiation and agility, however, the flip side is the long development cycle and the resultant high price tag they come with. Moreover, majority of transformation projects are marred with existing architecture brittleness and lack of sufficient knowledge of existing underlying systems.

Digility with its experience of over 30 years of delivering mission critical applications has conceived “Cosmic” which would transform your application development. Cosmic is platform with set of accelerators which combines the benefit of both- out of the box components which provide a jump start into development and; bespoke capabilities to ensure that it produces the solution which is tailor made to your business and its uniqueness.

Cosmic accelerates the product development and rollout of any type of solution across various industry verticals using its stable underlying frameworks, established solution patterns, best of breed tool sets and best practices for implementation.

Cosmic Capabilities

Cosmic is a low-code platform for solutions development which enables delivery of business outcomes at a fraction of cost compared to a ground-up development or COTS customization.

  • Legacy code analyzers to extract knowledge out of existing systems
  • Model-driven code generators bring the design and code in sync, and code generation based on well-established proven patterns keeps the technical debt in check
  • Microservices scaffolding for next generation architecture to provide elastic scalability
  • Workflow intelligently changes the path to resolution based on the problem
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Enterprise Adaptor to ensure seamless integration of system and internal and external data
  • Artificial Intelligence for making applications smarter
  • Lucid Dashboard and reporting for visibility and insights
  • Process mining to help process analysis, derive insights and predict optimization
  • Big data processing and bulk processing for enabling real-time capabilities
  • Inbuilt and pluggable extensible security

  • Faster Time to Value / Market: Cosmic based solutions can be quickly developed and deployed. It uses visual models to facilitate making changes to the workflow, the activities, the rules, the reports/ dashboards and the data structures.
  • Pay for what you use: Cosmic is versatile in its use cases and has modular capabilities which you can pick and choose as per your needs – be it the dashboards and basic reporting capability, migration of your existing monolithic architecture to scalable architecture or a basic application with multi-tenant capability. Cosmic pricing can be tailored based on the capabilities chosen.
  • De-Risks IT development / Support: Cosmic increases the chances of successful completion of application development considerably by leveraging its well established and proven architectural components. This coupled with Mastek’s services for E2E testing and Dev Ops helps de-risking of entire implementation and support beyond.
  • Best of breed solution: Cosmic is built on proven and widely used open source frameworks and tools. It adheres to open standards like CMMN, BPMN, DMN, CMIS,XES and REST. This not only brings the cost benefits of using open source but also provides a lot more transparency on code quality and insights on technical debt and quality metrics. Most importantly, adhering to open standards makes Cosmic interoperable with other systems and removes vendor lock-in

Cosmic as a Case Management Platform (CMP)

Rigid BPM-based models are unable to meet the challenges of digital transformation in terms of offering agility to adapt to continuously evolving processes or integrating with core enterprise platform. Cosmic Case Management Platform with low code, configuration-based development accelerators helps organizations create tailor-made case management solutions to solve their process issues, automate their business functions and unlock its true potential.

  • Intelligent workflows, automated task routing and knowledge management helps save case worker’s time in achieving the case goals
  • Enables organisations to empower their front-line staff to make outcome focused decisions
  • Enhanced service quality and improved accountability from SLA management, escalation management with timely push/subscription alerts and notification.
  • Innovative Collaboration spaces foster collaborative & knowledge sharing work culture
  • Centralized dash board and operational insights help the case worker to organise his workload based on organization needs
  • Multi-channel information capture for all types of inbound documents and information
  • 360 view of case provides all necessary information in a single place for the case worker aiding decision making
  • Rule based work allocation and manual overrides ensure optimum work distributed to the case worker
  • A full audit of all activities and interactions is maintained to ensure regulatory and best practice compliance

The Cosmic CMP provides a more intelligent, flexible and open way of addressing ever increasing pressures and complexities of customer caseload demands with limited resources.

Cosmic CMP can be used to deliver the right solution to a variety of industry requirements, including yours. It will help support your specific business and industry functionality ground up been built into the core product and not as an afterthought.

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