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Accrue maximum benefits of digitalization with Digility’s 3600 solution-delivery expertise.

  • Accomplish a holistic business transformation with Digility’s Digital Delivery Services available at your command.
  • Benefit from our Digital Consulting Experts  who helps executives recognize, visualize and articulate digital as a business strategy and implement it across the enterprise with Agile development

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We had challenging timescales but the first work pack that has been completed was completed a day ahead of schedule and the defect count was very, very positive, in fact no defects were delivered within the solution.
Adrian Stanbury, Evolve Programme Director - WM Morrisons Plc
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Achieve legacy modernization despite lean budgets

Push the boundaries of excellence and realize your fullest growth potential with digital. With Digility’s multi-disciplinary digital delivery capabilities, enterprises earn every benefit that digital transformation delivers. Harness data for decisions; chart paths to innovation, profitability and competitive-edge.

 An enterprise’s digitalization journey is generally fraught with people and technology challenges—diluting the internal and external impact that digitalization can deliver. Digility, with its expertise across digital technologies, solutions and practices, helps you with a true, 100% digitalization.

Our Digital Delivery Portfolio includes

Master Data Management

Arriving at the single version of truth just got simpler with Digility’s Master Data Management (MDM) services. We deliver MDM even for clients with complex compliance reporting needs and data governance challenges. Digility’s team has deep experience of working on tools such as Talend and Oracle MDM.

Big Data

Draw insights from diversified, multi-source data, structured and unstructured, such as enterprise applications, social feeds, chats and blogs. Powered by Apache Hadoop, Digility’s big data integration service covers scoping, architecting, sand-box building and creating production version of big data solution platforms. We employ open source technologies that assure rapid ROI. Your integrated data can be accessible to analytics, BI tools, vQuery engine or an event handling manager.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Get an enterprise data warehouse for transaction data specifically for query and analysis. Digility teams have played a key role in building the largest data warehouse in UK for National Health Service (NHS). It supports more than 10 million transactions per day. Our team specializes in technologies like Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and Talend.

Data Migration

Migrate enterprise data from any database technology effortlessly—Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL—with Digility’s project delivery expertise. Integrate enterprise data across diversified source systems. Integrate even the data residing in Excel, CSV, and XML files with your destination systems. Some of our success stories in this area include implementations at Provident Financial, International Provident Finance (IPF), Morrisons and Lex Vehicle Leasing (now Lex Autolease) and Forrester.


Digility’s Microservices Architecture is independently deployable using automated scripts. It helps build fine-grained services to deliver specific business capabilities for enterprises. With Digility Microservices you can deploy small changes quickly, without disrupting other parts of your enterprise systems. Our Microservices Architecture can be seen at work at Home Office where it enables the organization plan its integration exercise based on critical functionality rather than on legacy systems.

Single Customer View

Get a consistent, 360-degree customer view sans the challenges associated with building such view. Deliver personalized services to your target customers and grow your business faster with Digility’s Single Customer View service. The deeper your customer-understanding, the higher will be the hit rate of your go-to-market programs.


Simplify information exchange and save on integration costs by employing business services built with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles. With proven SOA and ESB capabilities, Digility holds expertise in underlying technologies such as Fuse ESB, Mule ESB, Oracle Middleware technologies, REST, SOAP.


Deliver personalization, analytical dashboards, customized content, flexible security model and constant digital experience across Web and mobile. Integrate your portals with modern authentication procedures such as single sign on. Digility holds expertise in open source portal technologies including Liferay and JBoss as well as in proprietary technologies such as Oracle Webcenter, IBM Websphere and Microsoft SharePoint.

Mobile Apps

Build enterprise apps that work nearly on every device. Get native apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones. Leverage the native mobile applications like Fingerprint scan, RFC tag, camera, geotagging, geolocation for superior performance and build-efficiency. Digility’s Mobile App development expertise spans across tools such as PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, and IBM MobileFirst and OS platforms.

Web and Mobile Analytics

Get actionable insights into every business sphere in real time. Improve decision making and create business opportunities. Digility helps you with delivery of insights in the form of online dashboards or downloadable reports, making them accessible via mobile devices.

BI & Analytics

Get Business Intelligence (BI) insights delivered as downloadable reports or dashboards—for desktop, tablet and mobile. Be benefited by our deep analytics experience coupled with industry standard data models and best practices.

Customer Relationship Management

Analyze your customer-interactions throughout the customer engagement lifecycle.

Improve business relationships, customer-retention and sales with Digility’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering. Buy only what you need and exploit the out-of-box features of CRM.

Legacy Modernization

Digilty’s legacy modernization practice helps enterprises identify the scope of modernization and create the right-fit approach to implementation customized to reduce risk and costs. The project lifecycle includes assessment of business objectives, building proof-of-concept and implementing the solution followed by ongoing support.

Some of our clients in this domain include Capita School Management System, Together, and a large wealth management company with operations in the USA and UK.

Identity Access Management

Digility’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and services provide consulting, architecture, implementation and support. The project phases include understanding customer requirements, building business case, implementation and support.

Digility’s IAM platform is built with open source technologies such as PostgreSQL (Relational Database), JBoss Drools, bespoke java developments for registration and card management service, ForgeRock OpenDJ (Directory server) and OpenIDM (provisioning engine).

Our IAM solution for UK’s healthcare sector, The Care Identity Service (CIS) offers secure access to 900,000 staff members and 28,000+ systems at NHS. CIS has won a global excellence award (ICMG) for enterprise and IT architecture in healthcare. It supports 900,000+ smartcard users with over 250,000 being concurrent users every day. Arguably, CIS is one of world’s largest secure IAM deployments.

Open Source Adoption

Meet your changing business needs with the future-ready technologies. Harvest the benefits of constantly evolving open source platforms. Digility has partnered with world’s leading proponents of open source such as Liferay, Talend, Red Hat, Mapr and Couchbase.

Case Management

Digility’s CoSMiC is an adaptive case management platform built with open source resources on open standards. CoSMiC’s strengths span across user-centric design, dashboards, task and process management, notifications and alerts, reports, audits, user management, collaboration, and out-of-box enterprise adapters for external systems such as document management and social integration.

Agile Development

Digility’s Enterprise Agile Development Services augment standard Agile practices with outcome-oriented techniques and processes to deliver business value early on. With a strong focus on agile governance, we bring transformation to complex change programs—enabling organizations develop a rapid response mechanism to address emerging customer demands.

Besides the strong pool 1,000+ certified agile practitioners, the accelerators that spell success to our Agile programs include Enterprise Agile Methodology, a part of our ISO9001 Accredited Quality Management System, and SWIFT Test Automation Suite which interfaces with industry standard automation tools to expedite creation of automated test cases.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline which can be released to production at any time. A natural extension of Continuous Integration the two key pillars of Continuous Delivery are Culture and Automation.


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