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Make your software impeccable, impregnable

With 40% ISTQB certified professionals, over 70% Agile certified testers & 34 years of rich domain expertise

  • Our 34+ years of testing experience, domain knowledge and Digital Consulting experience, coupled with our assets, accelerators & agile development expertise ensure that you get the right quality, on time and within budget.
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Reduce costs and risks of business disruption

Respond to the changing business needs with alacrity. Ready your applications ahead of launch schedules with Digility’s digital testing services. Powered by a huge pool of ISTQB Certified Professionals and Agile Certified Testers Digility helps enterprises improve quality and maturity of their software platforms and slash down development costs, sizably. With our tried and tested record across industry verticals, organizations achieve higher project-RoI and trim time-to-launch—drastically.

Digility helps enterprises manage and reduce costs and risks of business disruption, bring efficiencies in processes, improve resource utilization and enhance quality and maturity of their development output. With a strong capability of Multi-environment Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), Digility provides a range of high quality testing services to enterprises, where most organizations respond with an increased focus on quality, testing practices, on the whole they struggle to adapt to the changing demands of incorporating Agile techniques in the digital world.

Our testing Services portfolio is an optimal mix of traditional & next generation solutions to test software, applications & infrastructure 

Enhance application quality, reduce time to market, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with Digility’s Independent Testing Services. Our test offerings cover the following areas:

  • Functional Testing
  • Non-functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Digital Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Testing for business intelligence and data warehouse

Conduct end-to-end testing either for application-specific or enterprise-level projects. Get up to 30% cost savings and cut project delivery time with our balanced sourcing model. With Digility, you can leverage to your advantage:

  • A hybrid, Onsite-Offshore Model to accomplish Cost Optimization
  • Flexible Ramp Up and Ramp Down
  • KPIs aligned with Business Benefits

Roll out quality software products and systems faster with our matured testing services across Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, and Crowd Testing. Develop great applications by employing our dedicated UX designers and Certified Software Testing Professionals who are trained to think from the user’s perspective.


Get an array of testing services for Mobile platforms. Address your testing needs across the following four areas:

  • Test Lab Services for Projects
  • Mobile Functional Testing
  • Automation Tools and Frameworks
  • Mobile Performance Testing


Achieve continuous integration and deliveries and carry out end-to-end automation using latest commercial and open source tools with Digility. Our service covers a development project’s entire lifecycle from building to testing to release. Ensure rapid, frequent, and reliable deliveries with our expertise in DevOps.

This portfolio covers the following four services:

  1. Test Maturity Assessment
  2. Test Automation
  3. Non Functional Testing – Performance, Security
  4. Test Management Consulting

     1. Test Maturity Assessment

Apply a test maturity assessment framework that is aligned to business objectives, process goals and delivery methodology besides being transparent and customizable. Digility performs health checks and 3 to 4 weeks’ discovery exercise with emphasis on all functions interacting with the implemented test approach.

     2. Test Automation

Achieve ROI within five test cycles with SWIFT, Digility’s world-class hybrid automation framework. We analyze existing and proposed test automation tools, processes, development of scripts and test data, execution and maintenance. Our extensive test automation experience spans across major industry verticals worldwide.

    3. Non-Functional testing

    a.) Performance Testing

Powered by our Performance Testing Center of Excellence, we provide performance testing for client-server, Web-based, distributed, mobile, and cloud applications. The portfolio covers the following specific services:

  • Specialized Skills for Stakeholder Management and Coordination
  • Requirement Elicitation
  • Workload Modeling
  • Test Tool Installation and Configuration
  • Performance Test Scripting
  • Simulation
  • Correlation
  • Execution
  • Result Analysis

     b.)Security Testing

Spot vulnerabilities in your Web applications, mobile apps and custom-made tools with Digility’s immaculate application security testing. Turn your software systems impregnable with our rugged support for automated testing, manual testing and retesting. Leverage Digility’s application security test case repository and capabilities in open source and proprietary security testing tools to further your business goals.

    4. Test Management Consulting

Combining quality assurance with test consulting, our service addresses your testing needs—end-to-end. Whether with respect to strategy planning services or tactical delivery for a successful project implementation—Digility covers the full spectrum.

Setting up a Testing CoE

Digility helps you build a dedicated, bespoke Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) to cut costs and risks of business disruption. Get measurable results that far outweigh initial investments in a short time. With TCoE you can standardize your test processes, streamline knowledge management, build capability, and manage talent pool better. Bring people and infrastructure together into a shared services function with your new TCoE. Our test consultancy teams also help you succeed in process efficiency, optimal resource utilization goals and Quality Control.


Digility’s Swift Test Automation Framework helps you get a jump start into test automation with best practices and tools in market.

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