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Breakthrough Solutions at Speed of Thought

Leverage the power of competition and collaboration to create breakthrough solutions at light-speed with our Innovations

  • By zipping the entire Lifecycle of Innovation in an extremely short time-capsule, Digility’s Innovation Lab helps organizations build novel solutions to address their predefined business problems.
  • With an amazingly successful formula of Digility Tek@thon, our teams collaborate, conceptualize and create in a single day what biggies fail to accomplish in several months.

Client Speak

I’m absolutely impressed by the Tek@thon where Mastekeers come together to crowdsource ideas for the benefit of the customer
Darren Milnes, Business Systems Manager - Together (Formerly Jerrold Holdings)
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Achieve consumer delight by introducing novel features fast—leaving legacy hurdles neutralized.

Digility Innovation Lab Service helps global organizations build and test avant-garde tools in an amazingly short time and low-cost. With deep domain knowledge and expertise in new-age technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Text Mining, and Social Intelligence, Digility’s Innovation Lab Teams collaborate and conceptualize to create innovative business solutions.

In a generation where start-ups continuously challenge established players with their innovative use of digital tools and techniques, it’s imperative for every business to innovate. But larger and older an organization, more difficult it gets for it to innovate at a fast pace.

Digility employs its 15 years of industry experience and expertise assisting global organizations looking to innovate.

The two pillars of our Innovation Lab Service are 

Digility’s Tek@thon teams collaborate with your teams to determine your specific business objectives and the best technology-leverage suitable for you. With a strong belief in ‘Fail fast – Succeed faster’ philosophy, we deliver breakthrough solutions in a single day.

The stages of Digility Tek@thon are:

  • Shortlisting the Problem — With business stakeholders and innovation champions in customer organization.
  • Identification of Use Cases — Spot use cases with potential for breakthrough innovation and announce the problem statement for teams to enroll.
  • Idea Exchange — An enthusiastic technical community uses social enterprise and collaboration tools to generate and share ideas. These are later refined for development on the Hack Day.
  • Hack Day — For rapidly developing and demonstrating solutions and ideas. The best solutions are short-listed by a panel of experts.
  • Assimilate — Shortlist more solutions and package them for aggregated value.
  • Implement — A working demo in a target environment.

Keeping abreast with the latest technology advancements and trends, Digility Innovation Lab members aim at delivering the most effective and efficient solution to address a customer’s real business problems. The teams develop proof-of-concepts to demonstrate how new technologies can be used to build innovative solutions across industries. At present, our teams are working on the technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Text Mining and Social Intelligence, among others.

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