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Webinar Recap :Data Storytelling Strategy

On January 31st Digility joined forces with partner Datalakes to present the webinar, Data Storytelling with renowned speaker, Bill Shadner. Judging from my title, I doubt you would be surprised that this was one of my favorite webinars to date.

For those of us in the IT Services industry, Big Data is nothing new. It can have various implications for the way businesses operate. But what I find most interesting is how data can be used to enhance the most powerful of marketing tools – the story. Data can help establish credibility and trust.

One key takeaway from the webinar was the need for a strategy when creating data stories. How do you begin the task of weeding through the pile of data to start building your story?

  1. Know what message you want to convey. Decide what action you want your audience to take upon reading your story.
  2. Focus on the information that ties to the message you are sharing. Don’t overload the story with every statistic you have; your readers will check out.
  3. Make it relatable. Find one or two applicable stories that illustrate what your numbers show and lead your copy with at least one of them.

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