Guiding Principles For Agile Testers

Agile testing is a practice that follows the principles of agile software development, requiring continuous interactions between the development team, the customers and other stakeholders. Below are a few must-have principles for agile testers that bring about success.

1.Provide continuous feedback throughout the life cycle

Be it the business user, the product owner or the developers, it is imperative to provide continuous feedback (and early on). You will see that feedback will reduce the rework and yield a better quality.

2.Keep it simple — avoid wasteful tasks

Wasteful tasks could include logging too many defects, creating too many test scenarios or details around the test. Avoid wasteful tasks to get the best quality of product within less time m- Make it lean, make it clean, make it simple.

3.Be self-organized

Typically agile does not call for management or hierarchy; everyone is self-accountable. For instance, if someone has committed to a number of stories or requirements to complete, it is their responsibility. Because of this, testers must be self-organized rather than dependent on others.

4.Focus on the larger picture. 

Testers should closely connect with the business or product owner. By doing so, the tester has a wider view on what the business wants, rather what has been depicted in user stories, or in the requirements. With a focus on the larger picture the tester gets better clarity on the requirements and yields a higher quality of test cases.

5.Celebrate team success. 

Agile teams should always enjoy and celebrate team success rather than focus on individual tester success or developer success. Celebrate as a team, as a whole.

These guiding principles for agile testers were recently discussed in the Digility live webinar, Agile Testing: 10 Mistakes to Avoid